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Do you have a dream? Let me help you plan how you can achieve your Dream.

Having left school at 16 with 5 o levels, sport was my major passion. Who would have thought I would achieve very much in lfe, never mind a 6 figure income. If you would like to get a copy of

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Posted in Forever Business

Change happens in the mind.

After a few weeks of excitement, joy, celebrations and consuming my entire body weight in chocolatey goodness on numerous occasions, I’ve hit the January blues. The decorations have been taken down and my house looks dull and bare, I feel

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Clothes too tight? Skin Dull, Tired

Does this sound like you.   9 days can make a big difference  

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Whats your Passion??????????

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion The day I started to follow my heart my life changed; as I terrifyingly stepped out of my comfort zone my entire life changed. I didn’t know this back then but

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Work from home – like my Facebook page for more information

Lets look back over 2016, how has your year been? Stressed, skint, bad health? Maybe you should look at an alternative way of working? Would earning an extra £500 to £2000 per month help your family? You know I work

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How much will Christmas cost you??

The average spend is £800 for a UK family to pay for Christmas.  Have you saved or do you intend putting it on a credit card. Did you know putting £1000 on a visa card and paying the minimum payment you

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Credit – Good or Bad

    As a Financial Adviser I have advised young people from a very early age to ensure their Credit file is always up-to-date.  What can you do, it you have let it slip.   I am sure you will

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Network Marketing is not a Pyramid Scheme

Q: Some friends continue to insist that network marketing is a pyramid scheme.  Other friends tell me they’re illegal and I’ll get into trouble. How do I know what’s legal and legitimate? A: To help you understand what network marketing is, I

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Listen for TWO minutes! It could be a life-changing 120 seconds!

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