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Hi great to have you here, my name is Audrey Paterson I have been involved in Financial Services for 34 years. I also have interests in property, my health & wellness business I describe as my passion is my additional income stream. Like many people, I am “juggling lots of balls”, but I now have TIME, FREEDOM & CHOICES.

Life wasn’t always like this: when my son was born, being self-employed I had 2 weeks maternity leave, looking back I have no idea how I managed to do this. As a Financial Adviser I always advise my clients to have 3 income streams. Do YOU?

Have a listen to my short video and let’s have a call which you can schedule on my calendar. I have added a link to my short e-book, have a read I was very like you doing too much of what I had to do and not enough of what I wanted to do.

I came across a Health & Wellness business in 2012 while having some health challenges in my own life.

After using, the Forever Living Product range and gaining a personal belief in the products, I researched thoroughly to discover what the actual business was all about and how it could help me. In those days I didn’t have a moment of spare time, but I saw I could recommend these amazing products to my friends and family with a 60 day money back guarantee and get paid for helping them improve their health. Could you do that?

When I saw I could earn an extra £2500 per month in only 10 hours, I started to build my business. Let me help you build your own Forever business.

Download my e-book to find out more about my journey to business success and how this will be you. 

My goal is to help as many people as I can to have their best year yet.

Who are Forever Living?

Whatever you are thinking of doing in your life to generate another income, make sure you enjoy it. I love Network marketing and how likeminded people support each other.


I have been an Independent Financial Adviser  for 34 years, you will see testimonials from clients , on the Integrity Asset Management Ltd link. Click on the link and subscribe to the site to be up-dated with our quarterly newsletter and access our knowledge centre,

No longer tied to an office my work-life allows complete flexibility and I can work anywhere, would this freedom work for you?

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