Let me help you create your plan to allow you more Time, Freedom, Choices.

Welcome. I'm so glad you are here. I have been involved in Financial Services for 34 years. I also have interests in property, and in the health and wellness business which is my passion. Like many people, I am "juggling lots of balls", but I now have TIME, FREEDOM & CHOICES. Life wasn't always like this: when my son was born, being self-employed I had 2 weeks maternity leave.

As a Financial Adviser I always advise my clients to have 3 income streams.

Do YOU??





I came across a Health & Wellness business in 2012 while having some health challenges in my own life. After using, and gaining a personal belief in the products, I researched thoroughly to discover what the actual business was all about. In those days I didn't have a moment of spare time, but I saw I could recommend these amazing products to my friends and family with a 60 day money back guarantee and get paid for helping them improve their health. Could you do that?

When I then saw I could earn an extra £2500 per month in 10 hours that I didn't have, I started to build the business.


Please feel free to download my e-book if you want to know more about my journey. No I don't think I am special: my goal is to help as many people as I can to have their best 2019.

Whatever you are thinking of doing to generate another income, make sure you enjoy it.

What is FOREVER ?

I decided to turn my passion for Health & Wellness into a source for another income stream.

The most amazing things it has given me are TIME, FREEDOM, CHOICES

7 years ago I decided to turn my passion for Health & Wellness into another income stream.

Fast forward what does my life now look like? I am still in Financial Services working very part-time with my longstanding clients, but it is Forever that is very much my passion.

I love everything about the company and how I can make a difference in other people’s lives these are some of the photos of my son meeting with some really successful people in the business at our rally in Cancun.

The company is in 160 countries. In the last month my business has expanded into Kenya (working with an orphanage), Ghana, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Not for one minute would I have dreamed of tackling the challenges of a Global business.

If you are open-minded and would like to have more time, more choices and freedom to do the things you really want to, I would love to have a chat.