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My name is Audrey Paterson and I have worked as an independent adviser in Financial Services for almost 35 years. As an adviser I always recommend that my clients try to have 3 separate income streams. Heeding my own advice, I also have a property and health & wellness business which is my passion. Like many people, I am “juggling lots of balls”, but I now have TIME, FREEDOM & CHOICES.

What is your passion, and could you turn this into a business to generate another income? Contact me and I will share my knowledge of building several successful businesses over the years. Doing so will allow you to plan your retirement at a time that suits you and ensures that you have sufficient income to enjoy it.

Life was not always like this: when my son was born, being self-employed I had 2 weeks maternity leave, looking back I have no idea how I managed to do this.

I now have the perfect work-life balance which allows complete time flexibility.

Improve Your Work/Life Balance

I have added my short presentation on why the business I found in 2010 has now allowed me to now enjoy better health and have the work-life balance I have always wanted.

Covid-19 has thrown us all challenges that no-one could foresee, one thing I think everyone has learned is we need multiple income streams.

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“I have been a client of Audrey’s for more than 25 years and have been very satisfied with the service and friendship we have had over this period.
My requests have always been dealt with in a very time efficient manner, I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.”

AP thomson

“I really don’t know were to start. I first met Audrey through Forever Living Products about 8 years ago. I was so impressed by her professionalism, enthusiasm and generosity of her time to help and support others, I joined her team.
I feel as if I am doing her an injustice with a few sentences, as Audrey was my manager I expected a few meetings a month to discuss and update business development and progression. However Audrey was not like any other manager I had as she was on my speed dial list along with family and friends, and actively encourage me to call and meet.
Also you couldn’t meet a nicer, genuine person to have your back.
Thank you again Audrey for your continued support for all these years.”

Patricia Corrigan

“I have been a client of Audrey’s for more than 20 years and have been very satisfied with the service she has provided over all of these years. She has moved from AJP to Oval then to Integrity, I have always moved my business with her. She has recently embarked on another venture alongside her FS business, I wish her well in this, and would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.”

Peter J

How I Can Help You

I offer you a free discovery call when I can offer advice on your finances and your business idea or if you are interested in hearing more about Forever Living I will show you how this can help you retire up to 5 years earlier than planned.

Click the link to join my private zoom meeting. Thank you.


Multiple Income Streams

As many people are no longer tied to an office, more are looking at creating another income stream.

In my case I decided to turn my passion for health and wellness into another income stream. 

Have you considered building another income stream?

I found Forever Living while I was at a crossroads in my life

I came across this business at a time when I was facing not only health challenges but major changes in the Financial Services industry.

I am so glad I said yes to this opportunity over 8 years, ago, at that time I had little spare time, but I was extremely interested from the health aspect.

After using, the Forever Living Product range and gaining a personal belief in the products, I researched thoroughly to discover what the actual business was all about and how it could help me.

Having little spare time, I still realised that I could recommend these amazing products to my friends and family which all have a 60-day money back guarantee. At the same time, getting paid for helping them improve their health.

When I saw I could earn an extra £2500 per month in only 10 hours and thinking how much I would have to have in my pension pot to achieve this I knew this was part of my retirement plan. Additionally, when you are no longer here, the income can be handed down to your children without incurring inheritance tax.

Integrity Asset Management

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