Freedom & Choice

My life & journey so far...

Hey you clicked through, good to have you here, I am a mum to my son Taylor a typical teenager, an IFA and have a property business, I am like you, juggling lots of balls, except I now have TIME, FREEDOM & CHOICES but life wasn't always like this, when Taylor was born I had 2 weeks maternity leave.

I have been an Independent Financial Adviser for 34 years. I love my clients but had become increasingly disheartened with changes to regulation.

As a Financial Adviser I suggest we all have 3 income streams do YOU??

Please feel free to download my e-book, this is just some of my experiences I have had over the 34 years.

I started a business with a Network marketing company Forever Living Products in 2012 I found it in Woman & home magazine, I was sceptical like I know you will be too, especially as this was in a magazine, I am so glad I took the time to review and had an open mind, so if you are in the same position as me click through to find out more about what Network marketing and Forever Living Products can offer you and your family.

Starting our Journey

with Forever Living Products

Fast forward 6 years what does my life now look like, I am still in Financial Services working very part-time with my longstanding clients however Forever is very much my passion now.

I love everything about the company and how I can make a difference in other people’s lives.

The company is in 160 countries in the last month my business has expanded into Kenya, working with an orphanage, Ghana, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, not for one minute would I have dreamt of tackling the challenges of a Global business.

Have these thoughts entered your head? they did mine.

Is this too good to be true?

...then you are just like me!

See why my thoughts changed & watch my video below

What is FOREVER ?