10 Reasons to get out of the rat race

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How interesting is your life?

There is nothing interesting about simply paying the bills and not pursuing your passions. Every job we do should make us feel alive and offer us a sense of belonging. But if you’re stuck in the rat race you’re subject to a seamingly self-defeating and unending pursuit. Is it time for you to step back and take a look at the big picture? You shouldn’t be running around a maze or in a wheel. Here are 10 reasons to get out of the rat race.


Find meaning in your life

Simply paying the bills and doing a job to accomplish that would not offer you the depth you need in life. Rather you have to find some sense of purpose and meaning in any work you do. This doesn’t simply pay the bills, it also gives your life more depth and offers you a sense of direction.

Stop being predictable

Your life stops being what it is, doing the same thing and repeating a monotonous exercise. One thing the rat race offers you is predictability. There are few surprises and not so many challenges. But the human mind embraces happiness and joy when you can do something that has an element of astonishments and wonders.

Give yourself a break

You can find new ways to handle problems, communicate and operate when you get out of the rat race. It simply means you embrace freedom rather than security.

Accept change

And perhaps this is one formidable reason every human should look inwards rather than outwards. We are meant to thrive and survive. You can become more adaptable and flexible to your environment. Such offers you more dimensions and objectives in life.

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Embrace new opportunities

You never know the response you will get for making a bold decision as leaving the rat race. But as they say, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” And the only way you can meet opportunity is when you make your luck by acting boldly.

Overcome your fears

Let’s face it, we are all afraid of getting out of the box. But such fears keep us stuck. It is a bold step to work hard and act to overcome any fears of leaving the rat race, most importantly the fear of failure.

Make your own future

The future is yours to make. You stop looking at the word “impossible,” rather it becomes a journey to achieve your dreams, not looking back, but boldly looking at a future of possibilities.

Be in control of your time

The rat race is all about putting in time and being under pressure. You however don’t become a victim of this when you leave the rat race. The only pressure is for you to succeed. And yes you become a master of time in doing this rather than a victim of it.


No one says it is easy. But there is something about feeling worthy and being part of something contributive not only to yourself, but to others.

Get your enthusiasm back

You become positive, zealous and alive. We all need passion. It shouldn’t always be about survival.

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