Getting wealthy with Forever

Forever Living Business Owner



The good news with Forever Living is that your earnings are uncapped, and no one will ever tell you to stop as you have reached your glass ceiling with the company. Also once you reach a certain level your business is willable so you are building a business to pass on to your loved ones.  The bad news is it is not a get rich quick scheme, anyone can earn large amounts of money with Forever Living, but it takes hard work, determination and time to get there.

There are 3 ways you can earn with Forever Living – and you tend to get out what you put in, so if you want to earn more, you do more.  If you have limited time to spend on your new Forever Business though you can start with a few hours and build up.

Option 1 – Retailing

When you get your Business Owner Box (formerly the New Distributor Pack), or evaluation box, which contains a selection of our best selling products and all the literature you need to get started, you can get started earning straight away with retailing the Aloe Vera products.  Typically we recommend you develop a solid customer base of 20 to 30 customers which can earn you £200 to £400 per month.

Everyone starts by buying the products for the same discounted price , and your first source of income as a Forever Business Owner is from buying the products at a 35% discount and selling at recommended retail prices.  We don’t recommend discounting product prices and we are not permitted to sell through discounted websites like Ebay & Amazon.  In fact if you are caught selling this way then your account will be terminated.  As you move up the Forever Marketing Plan you will benefit from an additional bonus each time you place an order.  This will be part of your training.


Option 2 – Team Leading

You can make a good living by retailing products, but the larger incomes in Forever Living come from building a team.  We guide you through every stage of building your own team, and as an Investor In People Gold award , we offer  many  different training options.

You will be guided through identifying prospective team members, introducing them to the business, and helping them to join your team.  You then earn a commission from the company based on any business your team members do as long as you achieve a certain level of personal business each month.  Your team members do not pay anything directly to you just as you don’t pay anything to the person who introduced you to the business.  You can expect to earn £800 – £2000 per month after 4-6 months of recruiting and team building, and would need to dedicate 5-10 hours minimum per week to your business.

Option 3 – Business Building

Once you have successfully built up your team then you can move onto a more business building and mentoring role.  This is more of a management role and will need 20+ hours per week to coach and support your growing teams.  You can expect to earn £2500 + in this role with Forever.

Also once you reach a certain level in the company Forever Living have all sorts of incentives including the earned incentive program, foreign travel, and chairman’s bonus cheques.


Head Office Address – Forever Living Products, Longbridge Manor, Warwick, CV34 6RB.

Statutory Wealth Warning – It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Forever Living are members of the direct selling association.