5 tips for anyone working flexibly from anywhere.

The #businessofthe21stcentury is a new way of working for many people.

I know people struggle with it as much as others enjoy it. Why you may think?

1. No interaction from work colleagues.

2. Lack of discipline, not everyone can regiment themself to be at a desk and do what they would have done at work.

3. Distractions, so many times someone will drop in for coffee and forget you are actually at work, set guidelines.

4. Not having a designated workspace, seems to be a big one therefore you are not as organised as you may want to be.

5. Time management comes out top.

Why do I love #worrkingfromhome

Everyday I am home for my hubby and son, the time I would have used before for travelling to work, I now spend in the gym. The difference for me adjusting and really feeling comfortable was when I set my office up in my conservatory, great desk with lots of light, feels nice.

Make sure you are comfortable wherever you set-up as you really are so much more productive and effective.