Growing your career this year, Here are my 6 tips

For many of us, we work hard, we put in the hours and we give our all to our careers. However, despite this investment, we don’t feel that we are being rewarded. Perhaps you feel you should be moving up the ranks quicker, or you deserve a bigger pay packet. When it comes to success, what many people forget is that these things rarely come to you. You need to be proactive and grab those opportunities. Employers will often just take your commitment and hard work as a given, to get that pay rise or promotion you need to really demonstrate how you are giving them added value and why they should reward you as a result.  

Give the following six steps  a go, and you’ll be amazed at how your opportunities for growth flourish.  

1. Know Your Goals 

The first step when it comes to growing your career is to define exactly what success means to you. Is it more money, is it more job flexibility, is it a more creative role? Map out where you would like to be in a year and five years’ time. Once you have this written down, work back and look at what you need to do or achieve to get to that point and assign measurable targets for yourself. Perhaps you can achieve this goal in the company you’re in via internal moves, or maybe you need to move sectors entirely, do you need external training or can you learn on the job? Once you have your own personal development plan, getting your boss to buy into your ambitions will be far easier.  

2. Make Your Boss Look Good 

Ultimately, your boss is also gunning for growth and wants a promotion. As a result, a sure-fire way to make yourself look good is to make them look good! If you make their life easier then they will see your value. Not to mention, as they move up the ranks, they will want you to go with them!  

3. Doing Your Job Isn’t Enough 

I often see people complain that they do their job to a great standard but aren’t being considered for promotion or a pay rise – the problem is that doing your job isn’t enough! You’re paid to do your job, and delivering on your basic duties should be a given. Employers want people who are consistently going above and beyond their remit. Volunteer to help on another project, stay late to support your boss on that pitch, offer to do some extra research into something for them, educate yourself in a new sector and offer to advise on it, you must show that you are beyond your job and ready for the next step. It’s all about being proactive, not reactive.  

4. Dress For The Job You Want, Not The One You Have 

When it comes to securing progression, you need to look at yourself honestly in the mirror and ask ‘do I look like someone who could be my boss’. If the answer is no, then look at how you can evolve your image to both empower you and inspire those around you to see you in a more senior light.  

5. Avoid The Water Cooler Gossip 

Likewise, if you’re constantly complaining about the senior team and gossiping with your co-workers, you need to look at whether this is giving off the right impression. Whilst you can be friendly with those you work with, ultimately if you want a promotion you may end up being in charge of them! You need a professional level of distance to ensure they will respect and listen to you as you climb the ladder.  

6. Be Visible & Ask For What You Want 

Hiding behind your desk isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be confident in your skills and make it clear to those around you that you are eager to progress and want to grow. Ask for regular reviews with your manager and ensure they set you targets, which you need to then smash! Network more and be bold in introducing yourself to people who may be able to help you grow. Make yourself memorable, and you’ll naturally be at the forefront of your boss’ mind when an opportunity arises.  

Entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd, make sure you do for the right reasons.