A change would do you good. How


I have one son Taylor and I have lived in the Scotland all my life.

I have now been able to reduce my hours in my financial services business to 2 days from home to be around for my son.

My business spans from Australia, Dubai Ireland, Switzerland, Pakistan & Ireland and I work it flexibly from my laptop at home. 💻 🏠

November is here & I’m looking for a new team ready to make 2019 their best year yet.

You need no experience, you don’t need to be good at sales, but I do want you to have a great work ethic

I will in return teach you how to recommend, with sincerity, honesty and passion – I will teach you how to build an exciting, thriving business, filled with a great team to work with

My goal is to build you up to a £2000+ per month extra income, it’s a home business so the tax man won’t take all of the extra income you earn, like a second job would !!!

Comment below or pop me a message….I’d love to share some more info with you.

Be a part of our Amazing team #itsyourlife