A mum of a child needing additional support.

I remember what it was like when my son was diagnosed with Dyspraxia age 8. Could he dance? No chance, he was a ‘clumsy’ child, here are a few things he was subjected to.

English teacher, your handwriting is abysmal, wood working teacher you are a walking nightmare topped off by the university lecturer telling Taylor we have amazing support for disabled children.

That was then and this is now and he is currently doing a BA in business at university. He has been acting, singing and dancing all week in the Wedding Singer in Airdrie Town Hall and has been and receiving reviews like this. The reason for this post is that if your child gets “written off” by ignorant people, encourage and help them believe they can be anything they want to be.

Taylor is 19 now and he wants to help children gain self-confidence, by relating his story. His goal now is to open a drama school for kids just like him who have been written off at times.

Proud mama