About Me

I have been an IFA for 35 years I am one of 11 per cent females in the industry. My passion is for helping others create a plan for their life and retirement.

01. Financial Planning


02. Financial Coaching


03. Lifestyle Planner


My mission statement is Integrity, Empathy & Fun.

Over my 35 years I have worked with many people from all different backgrounds, there are a few testimonials on here and on my website.

Recently I have been working with women who are over 40 with one eye on retirement, until now they have not taken it too seriously as they have been bringing up children. They now find the children are more self-sufficient and it’s time for them.

I am a Retirement Strategist, “expert lifestyle planner” I help you make your plan to enjoy your final years working doing something you love, rather than something you had to do to pay bills.

Using experience gained through many years of business, I offer personal coaching,
I specialise in helping you create a clear financial plan to enjoy more time doing the things you enjoy rather than the things you have to do.

I Work mainly in the UK although have mentored people from various other countries, including Poland, Bangladesh, Middle East and Australia.

By all means let’s arrange an initial chat. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose…..

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