Are you fearful & anxious about your finances?

Are you feeling fearful and anxious about your finances?

Does the subject of money make you feel uncomfortable?

Most women don’t earn the income they desire or live the life they deserve because of twothings…a poor money mindset and no financial education. When we understand our relationship with money it unlocks the potential within us to enhance not only our finances but the sense of fulfilment and happiness we feel in the pursuit of wealth. When you combine that with a financial education, you have the exact recipe you need to become a powerfully charged money magnet.

What are your finances like at the moment?

Don’t bury your head that’s the very last think you should do deal with it head on.

The first thing you should do is visit

Let’s look where you are in terms of credit then let’s work to get that up to Good/or excellent.

If there are any payments that are showing as late and you think this is incorrect contact the Company and get it rectified, this will improve your credit score.

If you have Visa cards let’s get them transferred to a 0 per cent visa, cutting the interest you are paying is the first step to dealing with your finances. Check out the best rates here.

What’s your income? Are you employed or self-employed? Is tax deducted from your salary or are you setting aside money every month to pay your tax bill.

Do you know how to calculate your tax due if you are self-employed?

You can earn £11000 before you have to pay tax, calculate your income less your expenses the amount above £11000 is taxed at 20 per cent, aim to save the tax over a 12 month period.

Now you know your net income let’s work out your expenditure.

Now we have calculated what you have left over let’s work out how we can make savings and increase the money you have every month.

Watch tv programmes like the following, how to make savings using own brand products.


Making dinners from scratch is a great way to save money

Once you have worked this for a month how much have you saved?

Let’s make a plan, firstly reward you and your family even if it’s only going to McDonald’s for a treat, exercises like this have to be fun or you won’t stick with it.

The money you have left I suggest splitting 3 ways, pay 1/3 rd to reduce your credit card debt, put a 1/3 in a savings account for emergencies and 1/3 to use for your monthly budget so you do not increase your credit card again.

Work this for one year and watch your attitude to money and savings.

People say money is the route to all evil, not having enough money does cause pressures in relationships.

I published on my website 10 work from home opportunities,

if you are considering earning an additional income Work this on the same basis as you have for the last year. Make sure you do something you enjoy, I started a Networking marketing business 6 years ago because I had amazing results with some health products, I work this very part-time around my financial services business.

Here is the link to the recording from tonight, if I can help you please do not hesitate to call me on 07973 450105


Week 2

I will go over in more detail how to budget and how to make sure you are making the most of what you earn.