Be your own boss, Work from home.

If you have had enough of building someone else’s business, let me help you build your own business.

The title of the role:

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER earning £1000 – £3000+ per month, initially around your existing commitments, whatever they may be!

The reason:

Are you tired of long hours, high stress, no job security, falling pension values and little recognition for a job well done? If so, you are just like me and the other professionals we work with, until we decided to take control.

The how:

By working for ourselves, (as part of a team), self-employed, building our own business under the umbrella of a £100million UK company, underpinned by a Global Brand Leader in the booming health, wellness & fitness sector. If you can find 7 to 15 hours a week, working with us and our proven business building system, we will coach you to earn £1500+/mth within 5 months. This naturally leads – if you want it to – to a Business Developer role, earning £5k to 20K+/mth coaching, mentoring & helping others develop their businesses across the globe.

Qualities required:

A natural relationship builder (a ‘people person’); proactive; enthusiastic; hard-working; committed to making a difference; an excellent communicator.

You must want: to work for yourself; to engage in ongoing training and support; to develop your skills; a better lifestyle; less stress and more time; financial independence.

The Benefits: In this business you get paid for what you contribute including: an end of year bonus; Global travel – 2 international destinations every year, all expenses paid; Car Plan; Willable income – so you create a legacy

Who am I

My name is Audrey Paterson my website is