Build your summer body this winter.

As dark and dreary mornings transform into grey, dark days, it can be all too easy to venture to the warmth of a snug duvet and enjoy copious cups of hot chocolate. Roast dinners, large glasses of mulled wine and abundant chocolate selection boxes are far too tempting, and somehow the perfect excuse that makes us feel like we’re shaking off that chilly feeling.

As appealing as such scenarios may be, the winter period is actually the ideal time to prepare your body for the summer season. Although it may seem premature, implementing a fitness routine early on – before the influx of gym deals and fad diets – will help you to develop lasting habits and a healthier lifestyle that is more likely to last. Cramming in a fitness programme a few weeks before your summer break will only set you up for stress-filled, stomach-rumbling disappointment.

David Hill, a professional MMA fighter from Leamington Spa, agrees:

“Indulging over the winter months can often lead to a sluggish mentality, making it harder to break into an effective routine later on in the year. Building a healthy lifestyle should be exactly that – a lifestyle – not something that fluctuates along with the seasons.”

To assist you during your summer body-building challenge, we have selected some of our favourite exercise-assisting products, scoured the UK for winter sports that embrace the magic of the season, and shared some guilt-free recipes recommended by fitness enthusiast, Marcus Leach. So put away your baggy jumper and bury Grandma’s knitted blanket back in that attic; this winter is not a time to hide away, but it’s a time to prepare, to build, and to accomplish.


Exercise is the key ingredient to any effective fitness regime, but sometimes our bodies struggle to cope with hard training, particularly if you are implementing such physical activity for the first time.

Energy, endurance and easy solutions are all essential components that will help you achieve your desired results. To ensure the challenge is as painless as possible, Forever provides a range of products that will cater to your individual needs whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle.


We know it’s hard enough getting yourself to the gym, let alone keeping going when you finally figure out how to use the cross-trainer. These three convenient products help make the whole experience that little bit easier.

Forever Lean: These well-balanced capsules contain valuable fibre, proteins and the vital trace element chromium. Make eating a healthy, balanced diet easier by keeping a pack in your bag for when you’re on the go.

Forever Aloe2Go: Combines all the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel with Forever Pomesteen Power in an easy-to-carry pouch. This really is the perfect, quick ‘pick-me-up’ drink anytime, anywhere.

Forever Freedom2Go: This convenient pouch combines all the benefits of Forever Freedom gel with pomegranate juice. Forever Freedom contains aloe vera, MSM, and vitamin C.

Forever ProX2: Resist the temptation to snack on unhealthy crisps and chocolate by stocking up on these tasty bars. Keep a load in your sports bag for a convenient bite that’ll complement your workout.


It’s hard to push yourself when you’re feeling sluggish and tired after a hard day’s work, but often exercise is just what you need to help you clear your mind. Make sure you avoid the tempting post-work nap and instead choose one of these pre-exercise pick-me-ups.

Argi+ Sachets: This popular nutritious sports drink contains L-Arginine and vitamins, including vitamin D which contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function. This delicious drink is now also available in handy sachets – perfect for after a gym session.

Fast Break Energy Bar: These delicious peanut butter-flavoured bars are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein, offering the ideal solution after an active workout.

Forever NutraQ10: Packed full of essential vitamins, including vitamin C and B6 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. N.B. Consult your doctor if on medication. Avoid if pregnant, breastfeeding or if you suffer from kidney disease.


You’ve just managed to make a habit out of your workout routine (you can even name all the staff members at the gym) when you suddenly feel like you’ve hit a wall. Perhaps your joints are beginning to tire or you’re struggling to see the results you imagined; whatever your hurdle, make sure you don’t give up. Show people what endurance is made of by breaking through the barriers. We even have a few items that may be able to help you out…

Aloe Heat lotion: Soothe your aches after a full-on workout with this rich emollient lotion. Its warming agents help provide blissful relief from stresses and strains. You can also use it for a deep-heat massage.

Forever Lite Ultra: Avoid sugary alternatives by trying our tasty chocolate or vanilla shake. Forever Lite Ultra is suitable as a supplementary meal or as a protein shake if you’re interested in weight gain.

Forever Pomesteen Power: This exotic drink is high in vitamin C and packed with tasty fruit juice including raspberry, blackberry, blueberryand grapeseed extract. Perfect for that post-workout pick-me-up.


If you’re still struggling to develop a consistent weight-management regime, why don’t you try our Forever F.I.T. programme? This advanced nutritional plan is designed to help you look and feel better in just three easy steps.

1. C9: Encourage a change in mindset by altering the way you approach your fitness programme. C9 helps you to look better and feel great, whilst providing the perfect starting point to help you transform your diet and fitness habits. Based around Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel drink, this nutritionally- balanced programme will allow you to see real results in just nine days.

2. F.I.T.1: C9 may provide results, but you need to maintain and build on your progress to ensure your new habits are ingrained long-term. The F.I.T.1 pack offers you the chance to achieve this by combining the exact portions of supplements, shakes and bars with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. Get stuck into F.I.T.1 and you’ll be well on your way to reforming the way you perceive exercise.

3. F.I.T.2: Once you’ve achieved the goals you set in F.I.T.1, it’ll be time to push your body to the max and achieve optimum results. Strengthen and tone your body with F.I.T.2 by following the guidance and incorporating high protein and nutritional products into your routine; designed to help you build lean muscle.


C9 pack contains:

Forever Aloe Vera Gel (2 x 1 Litre), Forever Lite Ultra (15 Servings), Forever Therm (18 Tablets), Forever Garcinia Plus (54 Softgels), Forever Fiber (9 Packets), Shaker Tape Measure, C9 Information Booklet.

F.I.T.1 pack contains:

Forever Aloe Vera Gel (4 x 1 Litre), Forever Lite Ultra (2 x 15 Servings), Forever Therm (60 Tablets), Forever Garcinia Plus (70 Softgels), Forever Fiber (30 Packets), Forever Pro X bar (5 x chocolate, 5 x cinnamon), Gym Towel, F.I.T.1 Information Booklet.

F.I.T.2 pack contains:

Forever Aloe Vera Gel (4 x 1 Litre), Forever Lite Ultra (2 x 15 Servings), Forever Therm (60 Tablets), Forever Garcinia Plus (70 Softgels), Forever Fiber (30 Packets), Forever Pro X bar (5 x chocolate, 5 x cinnamon), Gym Towel, F.I.T.2 Information Booklet.