Can you make money with Forever living – an IFAS reviews

I am Audrey Paterson, I have been an IFA 34 years, i love my clients but became very disheartened by Compliance.

It was at the time when the Government was making changes that I came across Forever Living, I actually found the advert in Woman & Home magazine.

If you are reviewing this for the first time I know exactly where you are because I was exactly the same, however, looking back I did have an open mind as I didn’t think I could pass the new regulatory exams, I did pass the exams and I joined Forever and I am so glad I did, what it has done for me and my family is give me time, better health, a new way of working and probably most importantly the prospect of a residual income when I decide to leave Financial Services.


Forever Living Products is a Network Marketing company  established in 1978. This is a company that has stood the test of time unlike many other companies that you may see come and go in this industry. They have over 10 million business owners in over 160 countries worldwide. They turn over $2.8bn in 2015. They are one of the top companies within the industry and are consistently growing. In the UK they hold Investors In People award which is a government accreditation and are also an award winning member of the Direct Selling Association – all accreditations that we are incredibly proud of. They are a company like few that are completely cash rich and debt free. There are no shareholders which enables Forever provide the most generous and fair marketing plan in our industry.


Your initial investment of £199.75 will provide you with just under £300 worth of products therefore giving you more product than the money you invested. You will also have a 14 day cooling off period giving you the reassurance that if you decide that it’s not for you you’re able to return your box during this time and receive a full refund. It will be my priority to help you earn your investment back within the first 6-8 weeks of starting your business. We will do this by providing you with the skills, coaching, training and support needed to start your business.

However, there have been reports of people losing money. Of course these situations are few and far between and only happen if you don’t follow the advice of Forever Living’s company policy and being part of a company training that has been tested in the Uk for the last 20 years. There are reports that some people not running their businesses correctly and not following company policy or guidance have purchased more product than they need in order to reach a promotion. This is something that we will never ever ask you to do, in our company Policy we mention the words, Integrity, Empathy & Fun and we coach everyone who joins our business to observe the policy.

If you follow the process, the system, are motivated, put time and effort in to learning new skills and are coachable  then you will see a return on your investment and go on to profit from your business.


There is absolutely no catch, what you see is what you get. Your business box purchase is an investment into a box of products worth more than the price you pay and its is then down to you to plug into our proven business and training support in order to build a Global business, our business is now in 12 countries all from buying a box like this. This is a business opportunity that will reward you for the work that you do. Of course with any new venture time and effort are going to be required. Depending on how much you would like to earn will depend on how much time and effort you put in. Forever is absolutely not a get rich quick scheme – this is a long term business so if you’re looking for the opportunity to build a stable business over time then Forever is for you. All information regarding the marketing plan will be sent to you by Us when you contact our website.

The next step will be to speak to me after you have watched the presentation where you will be able to ask any questions you like and have them all answered so you can make an informed decision with all the information you require.


We have a training programme in the form of an online live weekly training once per week. She also provides an online website full of training video’s and files that will make learning the skills you require easy and manageable for you to fit into the time you have available. We use Its your life Team Facebook groups to stay in contact, keep motivated and gain instant support. You will have access to Me for business advice not only relating to Forever as I have have had lots of experience over the last 30 years that I am willing to share with you that may also help your existing business, in fact this is one of my biggest passions, helping others via Networking, I am simply a phone call or message away. We provide lots of in house training at our home should you be local or wishing to travel helping you on a one to one basis. If online is  your preferred choice you can find me here on all my social sites. Or watch my 5 Mins video


The next step is to contact Me by completing the form on

Why are so many people looking at Network marketing? It’s actually being called The business of the 21 st century. The photograph probably sums it up, people are being asked for more for less in fact I recently wrote a blog on this why Teachers & Police are looking to leave their jobs.

I will reply to you within 24 hours of receiving the request and send you over a full and thorough business presentation for you to digest and will plan a phone call to discuss moving forward. I look forward to speaking with you and helping  you start your business and achieve your goals in the very near future.