Can’t believe that you can become a Millionaire from just doing this.

I am asked a lot what do you do?

If you went to a cinema and liked a movie would you recommend it?
The answer is always yes, our business is very similar except we get paid to recommend our amazing products.


If I asked you to trial an evaluation box which cost £199.75 and had £280 would you try them.

Another question I get is what’s the risk with your business?


My response is you get a 14 day money back guarantee on all the products and beyond the 14 days the company will give you 90 per cent back of your money. Yet some people will say there’s a risk to your business.

The next question I get is, will I be able to recommend these products?

You won’t know unless you try them. The turnover is $2.5 billion and 0.5 per cent is what gets returned and that includes breakages.

Once you have a belief in the product what happens?

I can help you earn £300 to £500 per month by learning some simple skills and spending 3-5 hours per week working closely with our team.

What if I want more than that?

I help you build a team who do exactly the same.

What if I want more?

If you can find a spare 5-10 hours per week become a team leader you can earn between £500 -£2000 per month.

What if I want more?

Sky is the limit and there is no upper earnings, if you work your business every day in pockets of time.
Looking back on my statements in my early years, I slotted sometime into my week around my 3 other businesses and that year earned £20000 from Forever.

My question to you, what would you do with £20000 extra next year?

Let’s say you can only do 50 per cent of what I did due to time constraints, what would you do with £10000 extra.
You can’t fail in Forever if you learn the basics believe in the product and share that with your circle of friends.
All you need is a Wifi and a dream.
This is me talking through what’s in the box.
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Did you know you could drink Aloe Vera?
Did you know you could become a millionaire from recommending this to  others?