Kids back to school already! Maybe you are glad to get some normality!

I’m not sure about you but I think this has been the quickest year ever!

We were doing our first Autumn training last night talking about planning for the last quarter of the year and our Christmas campaign. Christmas! really in England the kids are just going back to school. The full year all just seems to merge into the one season including the weather, who else feels we didn’t have a great summer and now we have dark nights and rain?

The other thing we talked about on our training was planning for Christmas, can you believe the average household spends ¬£800 on just this one day, can you also believe that 80 per cent of the population don’t have that money and just add to their visa? this on top of what they spent on the summer holiday. I am just not sure how anyone¬† will every clear their visa bill with the crazy interest rates charged by these companies.

Work from home, that maybe a solution?

No wonder so many people are then looking at Work from Home and how they can earn an income in 3-5 hours that they have spare when the kids are at school.

I am an Independent Financial Adviser, have been for over 30 years wasn’t really looking for an additional income, I am not saying I couldn’t use it, let’s face it everyone could use a bit extra with the rising cost of everything.

I have added a link to what I do and if you are interested in health and enjoy fun, this opportunity could be just what you have been looking for, message me to have a 20 mins call.

I was trawling the internet and came across this video, may give you some food for thought too.

Happy or sad they are back to school?