COVID-19 did not have to be the end we could all learn from this Pandemic.

What did you learn during COVID-19 that you could teach others.

I have spent Hours doing Training’s with the amazing Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association. This is her plan to Thrive, spend 30 minutes getting clear on what you want from life.

Carrie Green Your plan to Thrive. 

I am now ready to pass what I have learned on to my friends.

What do you need Help with?

As an Independent Financial Adviser/Complementary Health Adviser my biggest learning is that your Health is your Wealth.

If you have had and idea of what you want to do to create stabilty in your families life, I will help you learn the following skills.

Do you have a business Idea? Let’s get clear on what you want and plan for your Health, Wealth & Happiness.

  • Teach people how to brand themselves to be ready to show up on Social Media
  • Show people how to Interview guests on Streamyard and upload to Social Media
  • Coaching & Mentoring people
  • Create videos sharing your message on you tube and Streamyard
  • Teach how to host a presentation of zoom and upload to Vimeo or You Tube.
  • Teach how to save you 3 hours on Social Media per week.
  • Teach about mindset and NLP
  • Learn more about fitness and commit to a 90 day focused plan.
  • Get ready for success, get your finances in order.
  • How to track your income  & expenditure for the the next 12 months.
  • Create your 1,3,5,10 year financial plan.

Health is your wealth

Your Health is your greatest wealth.

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My tips to help you survive & thrive during COVID-19