Do what you love you will never work another day.

Do what you Love and you will never Work another day.

When my son Taylor left school he took a gap year as my father passed away in the middle of his highers. He also wanted to think what did he actually want to do?

He got a graduate apprenticeship did really well but the usual corporate world, not enough funding and he was let go. He thought he would do a Social Science degree at university as he loved history, except what would he do when he finished, he didn’t want to teach.

He decided to do a business degree, right now as you can see from this picture he is loving life his drama which is his passion,

I really believe is helping him in his university course and he is doing really well in the course just got an A band 1 for one of the modules.

It really is true what they say, do what you Love you will never Work another day, life is too short not to.