Dreams do come true if you BELIEVE

When I started in Network marketing I was asked to do a Goal board, at first I thought this is ridiculous, I then quickly realised dreams do come true if you connect with them, write them down and put in some work.

When I reached my first goal which was to go to Dubai to see a friend, I knew I could achieve anything I wanted if, I just followed the same process.

One of the things that really helped me connect was Brian Maynes, goal mapping system, download it and if you can do this with your children this will really help you connect, let’s face it would you want to let your kids down?


I remember hearing someone say if people don’t laugh at your goal, they are not big enough, I can tell you my goals keep me awake at night they are so exciting, how about you? Have you connected to yours?

This was my goal for last year going my friends for a weeks cruise around Greece.

Goals for this year was to go on a 2 week cruise around Greece and Croatia, having paid this yesterday, it’s now time to get my body ready for the bikini and plan where we are going next.

How will I get the body ready, well I joined a health & wellness company who had the most googled weight management programme of 2014 -2015 so I better get my Clean 9 ordered.


If you want to get your body ready check it out, have an amazing summer, and get those goals written down.