Fashion for over 40

Fashion over 40 classy or chic?

What’s your opinion when you get to over 40 do you think we should change how we dress?

I love classy but I also love leopard print. Do you think we can get away with it?

I think it depends on the product, the style, the fit, the length and which shop has made the item.

I love a designer called Madeline, it’s very expensive but very classy.

My favourite items for this season, give me your comments?

However, do we always get what we pay for?

This coat is on Madeline website reduced to £209.00.

This one is in Sainsbury’s website £45.00. If we work out how many times we wear our coats, is it worth paying more than 4 times the price?

Looking for the lovely party dresses and little black dresses, will post this week the ones I think are great for over 40 would love your comments?