Do You need an extra Income Stream?

Join the growing community of home-based entrepreneurs who have escaped the constraints of a job by setting up and running a low-cost micro-business from home

We offer...

A new way of working that is changing lives...

  • Be your own boss
  • Choose your own hours
  • Set your own income goals
  • Your own business

... Financial Independence...

  • Highly rewarded
  • Car plan
  • Security of income
  • Profit Share

... Freedom...

  • Take holidays when you like
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Time to live your life
  • No more asking your boss for time off work.

... and Fulfilment

  • Achieve your true potential
  • Recognition
  • Success
  • Satisfaction

Who are we?

Here’s our short video providing information about our business and how I can help you plan the retirement of your choice.

Is Forever the right career move for me?

We are experts at helping people with no business experience set up and successfully operate their own business that can be run from home with no start-up costs.

The flexibility of our global business model means that you can run it part-time around your other commitments or launch yourself full-time straight away.

By becoming one of our partners you will be joining an industry that has seen consistent growth for over 40 years, we have offices in 160 countries and is predicted to be the next trillion-dollar industry. The health, fitness and lifestyle markets are among those which see continued growth even against a backdrop of a harsh economic climate. This is due to growing market trends as more and more people want to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

What do we do?

We recommend a superb range of natural health products which enable people to look and feel good. We all want to enjoy our retirement and we can provide the opportunity to retire earlier and be fitter and healthier to enjoy it.

We do this by developing product advocates who spread the word via social media and face to face. It’s a rapidly growing area of business and we are masters at it.

We’ll show you how to use social networking sites and word of mouth to build your business. We’ll also show you how to use our global distribution network to do business from your own home to the other 160 countries where Forever has a presence.

What next?

Schedule a short chat on my calendar to see if this is the right opportunity for you. If not let me help you create your plan to retire early.


Ask yourself what’s stopping you!!

Ask yourself how you are going to retire when you want!!

Ask yourself to imagine doing your current job until you are 66,67,68!!

Ask yourself if your pension(s) would enable you to maintain your preferred lifestyle!!

Why I believe I can help you

Today I have choices

It wasn’t always that way, when my son was born 21 years ago, I had no choices, my husband had started working in our Financial Services business, when I was off, I got a miserly £50 per week. Is it any wonder that I only had 2 weeks maternity leave?

I love the life that our business has given us. Freedom to do what I please when I please. Freedom to spend time with the people who are important to me.

The money is great, too. Because ultimately, it’s the money that gives you much of that freedom. Sometimes it’s the simple things like not having to look at the prices on a restaurant menu or wine list before choosing what to order, or being able to treat yourself by buying a car just because it feels good to drive or staying in the best hotels and traveling in comfort.

But really, it’s the lifestyle I love. To be able to spend time with my family; to travel and take holidays to fabulous places, feels such a privilege. I can do things I’d only have dreamed of before: I talk about now having Time, Freedom & Choices – I would never have had the time or the money had it not been for this business.


Life wasn’t always as good as it is today.

When I first found out about how I might be able to build my own micro-business life was tough. We were both working hard and although we were comfortable, we didn’t seem to have either the time or the energy to do the things we wanted to.

Looking back, I now feel I missed so much of my son growing up as I had to do the things, I had to do instead of the things I wanted to do, like going to every school show, being at the school gates or being there during the school holiday.

We were concerned about the future – all I could see was it getting worse and worse and us having to work harder and harder. When the retirement age changed to 67 for me, I looked at my current pension pot and thought there is no way I can retire on this, the forecast I received was I would need to contribute £1000 per month to my pension, it really is no wonder I suggest everyone has 3 income streams. I was not prepared to give up more family time to earn the money to maximise my pension, to enable me to have the retirement I wanted, I could see how this would give me Time and would add to my retirement plan.

I could see time slipping by and we wanted more out of life. We wanted to travel more, do more, spend more time with family and friends, have more fun and work less. Other people seemed to, so why couldn’t we?

I knew I was going to have to find something else, I had already ventured into the property market and had ups and downs with this, I co-owned a restaurant with my friend in a commercial property we owned, again this was eating into my free time, so what else could I do that would fit into the little spare time I had?

I came across a home-based business opportunity in Woman & Home, magazine and was very skeptical My husband and I had some health issues and were recommended products to alleviate these. After 60 days everything changed.

As our micro-business matures it’s wonderful to see so many other members of our team achieving their dreams too – with incomes far in excess of what they believed was possible. Being able to help people get out of the rat-race and live a life of freedom gives me an incredible sense of “job-satisfaction” and self-worth. I’m proud of my business, proud of what we are all achieving and proud to be a professional network marketer.

The photograph is my son on a trip we qualified to Cancun meeting with all the top earners in the company, just loved how each and everyone of them stopped and spent time with Taylor encouraging him to get involved in the business.


How can I help you?

I have learned that you’ve got to know what you are doing in order to achieve success in our business model. I have had the great good fortune to have had some outstanding mentors who have taught me the secrets and subtleties of building a team of successful partners.

I’ve spent 8 years mastering and building on the things I’ve learned. The thing I love about the industry is that every day is a school day and we are continually learning and growing, no business experience is necessary in-fact some of the most successful business owners who have been in the business for 20 years left their £10 per hour job to become a multiple six figure earners.

I work alongside people, taking them step-by-step through the basic building blocks and drawing out their natural qualities. It’s a process that creates a stable business with long-term growing income.

As you will see from the photograph we can build this business in pockets of time from anywhere, this was me sitting in my favourite place Crammond making some calls.

The business has proved successful for 25 years in the UK all we do is plug into a simple business model.

Home business does not equal small business

It’s important not to make the mistake and think that just because you can set up our business on a shoestring budget and run it with next-to-no overhead costs then it must have limited income potential.

Because of the unique way our kind of business expands it can grow to be very big. It is possible to generate several million pounds in global sales and receive an income that is uncapped

I can help you, but you must want to change, the saying ‘you can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking’ is so true.

I believe in drawing out the best in people. Combining our proven business model with developing a person’s natural (but often hidden) abilities has proved to be a winning formula.

Some people choose to build our business alongside what they are currently doing, giving them another income stream; others choose to work it full-time from the start. The flexibility of our business model means that both approaches deliver successful results.

The people who work with me learn how to develop a life-changing income in such a way that they have flexibility and balance, too. I love seeing people I’ve worked with leading happy, fulfilled and financially secure lives.

For me, that’s what it’s all about.

Are you ready for a change?

I’m always looking for good people who are eager to make some changes.

Our home-based business offers a solution that can change your life for the better forever. It’s an opportunity with no limits, but it is not a magical solution. You’ll need to be committed to learning the detail of how our business operates and putting in the effort to make it work.

I commit a lot of time and energy to supporting the people I work with, which is one reason why we have such success, you will have to put time and effort in which is required in any new business.

If you’re ready to go to work and make some changes in your life I’d like to hear from you.

Our initial contact will be very informal. I prefer a chat with someone first, face to face over a coffee, by phone or on the internet,

I’ll be happy to flesh out exactly how our business works, what we focus on, what we do etc. I’ll also want to hear something about you, too – what you want to achieve in life, why you’ll be committed to learning, why you like the idea of our industry.

Then, if we’re happy with each other I’ll provide further information – either face-to-face or via an internet video conference.

What are you waiting for?