Get paid to feel amazing.

Our team is expanding again with lots of therapists, Physio’s and instructors, Who wouldn’t want another £500 pm without finding additional hours.

I am expanding this and hope this benefits other people involved in wellness.

How to get involved? purchase the top 18 products mainly Aloe Vera and Bee based products which all come with a 14 day money back guarantee.

The cost is £199.75 the value of the products you get is £280, you will then get a 35 per cent discount on all products that you recommend to your clients and full training and support how to do this.

In addition to this we are creating a group where you can connect with other people also involved with wellness who may not be in your area, for example your friend lives in Edinburgh and you are in Ayrshire, would that person travel to you? possibly not, but if not, you can refer to someone more local to your friend,

The group therapy circle plus ‘ will be on Fb, the criteria will be that no business who does the same as you can be added within a 5 mile radius to you.

We hope to create a network where everyone will benefit from new referrals in your own business and generate an extra £500 pm from recommending some amazing products.

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