Goals 2018

Buy yourself a vacuum water bottle it really keeps it cool.

Leave the phone out of your bedroom don’t be tempted to go on social media.

Write a bucket list, where will you go this year?

Have you seen my £2.00 challenge, put £2.00 away every day, miss a coffee or take your own sandwich to Work if you don’t have a spare £2.00 you will have £730 for next Christmas.

Go through Facebook or linked and find some old friends and re-connect.

Plan family day outs, even a walk in the forrest or trip to the park is great for family time.

Stop making excuses, just do it, no procrastinating you will feel better.

Explore something new, for me I started a new business when I was 49 it drives me every day.

Take a look www.audreypaterson.flp.com

Walk to work leave the car at home that way you can build exercise in to your day without missing time with the family when you get home.

Me time, take time for you, walking, swimming, meditating, listening to music you will feel the benefit look after the inner you.

Join me on my #2018yourbestyearyet the next training is 9 th January 2018 and make 2018 Your best year yet.