How should I dress when I am over 40?

Have you heard the saying ‘mutton dressed as lamb’? It’s certainly something that creeps fearfully into my head when I am going to pick a new outfit.

Should we tone down our fashion when are a certain age?

Frankly – I think it’s down to you and how you wear it. Wear with confidence. I hear people say to me that no-one out of their teens should wear leopard print: why not? As with everything, I think it’s how you wear that leopard print. Match it with black but don’t go all out for head to toe.

I loved this outfit I have superimposed my head onto.  It’s not just about the outfit – which I love – I want to be fit and healthy to wear it when I collect a promotion I am working towards in 2019. Do you visualise your goals?

Have an amazing year

Whatever you are wearing this year wear it with pride: you are healthy, and have come through another year. Not all my friends made it this year, which is just so sad.

What will 2019 hold for you?

It really is down to you. If you would like to join my 2019 Your Best Year Yet, register here

Here’s to an amazing 2019 for you and your family.