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How To Retire Early


Typically, many of my clients may want to invest money on a regular basis to build up a capital sum and ensure security for the future. You might be planning for your retirement.


You Can Do it!

Since I’ve said that 

retirement = financial independence, the question becomes: what do I need to become financially independent? (i.e. not having to do a job I no longer want to do).

Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean being rich.

All it means is that your outgoings over the rest of your life don’t exceed your income plus your savings.

Once you put it in those stark terms, you can break your ambition down into goals.

Make Your Plan

Let me help in the planning or at least taking a look at the possible options that could be available to you to plan your way to financial independence. Get a free 30 min call with me to talk over your possible plans. It costs nothing to talk!

Pay off debts

Prioritise paying off debts above building up savings, since the interest on debts will far outstrip any savings interest you might earn.

Pay off your mortgage

It’s usually good to make overpayments on your mortgage if you can afford them. The upshot is that you’ll pay off your mortgage sooner, but also pay less overall.

Estimate your total costs over retirement

Make a note of the two figures, Essentials and Discretionary spending. You now need to judge whether your assets can meet two different targets:

    Calculate what income you can achieve in retirement

    Make an inventory of all your assets, to see where your retirement income could come from


    The most important element here will be your workplace or private pension(s)

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