How I managed to get 400 hundred new connections on Linkedin in one week.

Thomas cook

Thomas Cook

Why did I decide to learn Linkedin and how this has developed my business.

I have been working on LinkedIn for last 18 months,   Miles Duncan’s name popped up on my news feed as being a Linkedin expert.  I attended one of his bootcamps and then signed up for his masterclass to discover how to get the best out of Linkedin.

Since then I have been building relationships helping some people find connections that can help them and also connecting with people who have indicated they would be open to looking at a Global opportunity that I am building.

One of the many things I have discovered is that the Platform is amazing for building meaningful relationships.

I saw a post on Facebook when Thomas Cook announced they were closing their doors, the post stated that some of the staff of Thomas Cook were putting on their uniforms and going on an unpaid trip to bring holiday makers who were stranded home from their holiday.

I thought it was a great post and decided to share it on my LinkedIn, not for one minute did I think this post would have the impact that it had.

The date of the post was  September 26th 2019, today 22nd November I have had 124,920 engagements and 11,565,661 views and I have gained around 400 new connections, I actually can’t believe this figure. Think about that over 11 million,  it really just goes to show the power of social media.

The questions I have to ask is why did this post get so much interaction when other posts don’t?

It has been suggested that it was because it was compassionate and was trending at the time, what do you think?

Why has it had so many views and shares?

Why did 400 decide to connect with me?

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