Is this the end or the High Street, what next for Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser employees?

The end of the high street

Today I’m thrilled to be working in Lanarkshire meeting many new people some I’ve connected with online and over the telephone in the last couple of weeks.
The retailing industry is collapsing many people are looking for a way to earn an income and a more secure future that they can control.
Jobs in the retailing sector at one time were stable and reliable for many people and career progression was often easily accessible.
Nowadays, I think it’s fair to say, very few people could have foreseen the horrendous changes. People who once felt that they had a job for life are discovering how wrong they were. Some big brand retailers have left the UK High Street and the uncertainty remains, companies like Debenhams, Marks & Spencer & House of Fraser to name but a few
This morning I was excited to have a virtual coffee with an experienced Retailing Store Manager who has worked in Debenhams for the last 10 years, she is ready to look at working in a new way the way I have for the past 8 years. Like me, she loved her full-time job and like all of us didn’t see COVID-19 coming, she is now ready for a new challenge.
Having more time with family, creating extra choices to do more in life and having a career that I loved were all the things that I wanted. I now help others enjoy the same benefits. It’s special to be able to help them share in a ready-made flexible business opportunity and see them create their own story of success.
We spoke last year and initially when she looked at the business she was going to be working part-time to fit around her demanding job. It is now going to be her full-time job leaving her more time to spend with her two children. I’m excited that she will soon receive her business box with our company’s best-selling products, her own online shop and all the literature needed to create unlimited success.
Are you open minded and ready for a change or to take the next step to allow you more time with your family or to secure your families future or to make your retirement, there has never been a better time, the health & wellness industry is tipped to be the next trillion industry, my business grew by 130 percent last month during lockdown, schedule a 15 minute chat on my calendar.