Juice Plus v Forever Living Products

You are considering joining a Network Marketing Business

I have recorded my thoughts on the two plans which you may or may not think is slightly biased towards ForeverLiving

listen to the recording

I have been with Forever Living for 8 years now, I do believe having reviewed many of the plans this is one

of the best plans if you want to earn £2000 – £20,000


What are you looking to earn?

If you are looking to earn £200 to £400 and do not want to advance through the marketing plan and you

think you can find customers who will purchase products from you regularly and for many years to come,

Juice Plus maybe the plan for you.


My best advice

Do what makes you happy life is to short to be doing something you don’t enjoy this business allows people to have choices and take back control of their life and if you take it seriously you can escape the rat race.

Have a listen and if you are ready to build your Forever Business, book a meeting on my calendar and let’s make

a plan to start your business.

audrey paterson forever living