Join our #glowforsanta

On Wednesday 7th November thousands of Forever people started the #glowforsanta which is 9 day cleanse. This is a 9 day kickstart programme to help you feel better, have more energy, help your skin, hair and nails and the best part to help you get into the little black dress for Christmas.

There is still time for you to get involved.

The photograph on the left was me 15 years ago, I am most certainly a product of the product.

Forever living products knows that health starts from the inside! They also know that our food quality these days isn’t as good as it was when our parents were kids, we just don’t get all the nutrients our bodies need from the foods we eat, this is where our products come in.

Weight management obesity forecasts for the future are horrific, this is where our fit programmes come in.

The Clean 9, 9 day cleanse was the most Googled weight loss plan of 2014/2015

Check it this quick little video to learn about how they ensure the quality of this product:

When you join my team with your fitness programme, you can join with just a C9 so you can join with a £100 order, can you imagine how much starting a business would cost?!? Rent, paying workers, paying an accountant, the list goes on and on!

For £10 per month That small monthly fee gives you access to your online office and tons of resources and trainings and your online shop. Also, as a member of my team you will receive a 15 per cent discount off all your products, I don’t know about you, but I’m all about saving money!

You can join with a new business owner box £199.75 and receive our top 18 products then receive a 35 per cent discount.

Please sign up here to find out what is the best option for you.

Lastly, when you join my team your bundled fitness program will cost anywhere from £100 to £200 depending on what you want/need to reach your goals. Your bundle pack will have everything you need of our products to improve your results, a shaker cup, and various other goodies and your own Fit app to track your progress and everything you need to help you reach your goals.

At Forever living we don’t want this to cost you money, we see this as you being a product of the product. So who do you know who would also like to feel amazing abd help others do the same?

Sooooo…. if you are ready to set up those freedoms for yourself, ready to help yourself and others reach their health/fitness goals, and ready to live your best life, then YES this is for you!

If you are feeling inspired and want to find out more contact me on