Making money when you sleep has never been easier.


6 years ago, I signed up to start a business from home with a box that cost me less than £200!

I saw this business in Woman & Home magazine, why did it catch me attention is a question I always ask myself?

I reckon Forever found me at a time I was panicking about losing my 30 year financial services career as I had to re-train and was questioning if I would pass.

Some friends were supportive, some were very negative as this was a new and different way of building a business.

At the beginning I worked from my laptop and got good at Facebook!!! Facebook was like a lifeline to me as I could build a global businsss all from my phone or laptop and some people around me became customers of my health products seeing great results.

Within 7 months I had earned the equivalent of what my pension would give me at 65 from working the business around my other businesses.

I worked hard!!! Late in the night, early in the morning but I had a reason as I wanted to give my son the best I possibly could and I had this opportunity to be able to do that!!! I now was the the mum at the gates, dropping off, picking up, at sports day and performances and never missed anything all the things I had really struggled to fit in around my conventional business.

Was it easy, no but has it been worth it, YES!!!! I could not think of anything else that I could invest risk free such a small amount an then if I worked hard, reap the benefits and I could choose when I worked!! As a mum, this was priceless!!!

There have been many challenges along the way just like any big business but the personal development has been AMAZING and I am now a completely different person. My mental strength is so strong and the fact I get to help others build a successful business is so cool!!!

I’ve qualified for some amazing incentives gone on 3 5 star all inclusive holidays to California, Dallas, Cancun & Greece, been recognised as number 5 & number 7 in Scotland, recognised and made part of the Vip group for the company.

These trips have been life changing and we’ve made the most incredible memories with the experiences we have had as a family.

It’s safe to say that I love the products and my career in this life changing industry! I have thd most incredible team ‘it’s your life and I feel blessed I have been able to help many of them achieve what they want in life.

I know people knock network marketing and often that is fear or lack of understanding but Network marketing has allowed me to be the mum at home yet be the ambitious, driven woman to succeed and earn a life changing income!!! My business is totally location independent!!!! By the pool, on the beach, in my office !!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and believed in me the last 6 years!

Pick a country and let’s go.