Menopause shhh ! We shouldn’t talk about this. – Our mother’s didn’t so why is this now a subject so many women over 40 want to talk about?

Physically I was a wreck, but now after trying various “remedies”, I can lead a “normal life.”

I was totally unprepared for the physical symptoms of the menopause which came as a shock just 2 years after my son was born, why me I was only 38?

My menopause symptoms came on almost immediately and with a vengeance, massive mood swings, hot flushes, profuse night sweats, weight gain and joint pain in my hips to name but a few. I also suffered from lower back pain which was sometimes intolerable as I had had a difficult pregnancy only two years before. My son had been pressing on my sciatic nerve and a spinal block all taking their toll on my body. Added to that, only having 2 weeks maternity leave as I was self-employed at this time and had no other choice. My skin texture became poor, the weight gain and brain fog made it so difficult to concentrate most days. Physically I was a wreck, I knew nothing about the menopause, so I researched natural cures, I read up on Chinese medicine, Patrick Holford, worked with nutritionists like Maryon Stewart, I took a York test which said you are intolerant to wheat dairy and coffee. Can you imagine how difficult that was 18 years ago? Tesco and Holland & Barret etc had nowhere near the range they have now. I eliminated these products from my diet for 4 months I was told that I could re-introduce them after this period but not to abuse them. I was told to exercise but the pressure of running a business, having a 2-year-old and the menopausal symptoms prevented my doing this consistently. This went on for several years, the photo you see here was taken by a friend in between flushes in Portugal where I went with my girlfriends for our 50th birthdays. I tried to avoid being photographed as I felt (and looked) miserable.

Fast Forward

7 years ago, just after my 50th birthday, I felt a slight improvement, I put this down to the HRT I was taking. I had a bone scan and was advised that as I had osteopenia I should consider using this for a period to protect my bones. My weight had not reduced, the bloating, skin changes, pain to my joints were still debilitating.

Could it get any worse?

I was approaching 30 years in financial Services and had to re-train and sit yet more unnecessary exams which I thought I’d never pass because my brain was mush. The stress was immense, trying to look after demanding clients, trying to find time for my son and a father who had been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Life was tough I also co-owned a restaurant and had a property business all of these I ran jointly with my very patient, sympathetic husband. I read an article in Women and Home, I remember it as if it was yesterday I phoned in response to the article looking for Managers, why I phoned I have no idea, all I know is that phone call changed our lives in so many ways. I started drinking Aloe Vera in 2012 and taking some alternative supplements it has given me my life back. If you want to know more, please call and I will give you a more in-depth explanation of the supplements I find work for me. I take the following.

60 ml of Forever living Freedom,

60 ml of Forever Living Peach gel

Multi maca



I ensure that I make time to start my day with a “miracle morning smoothie”.  Spinach, banana, peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk. Some mornings I have a protein shake, chocolate or vanilla with unsweetened almond milk plus fruit.

So why am so passionate about these products? Quite simply because they’ve improved my quality of life to a degree I never thought possible. I love spreading the word about them and helping others with their menopausal problems. People ask do you sell? I say no, I simply tell people what works for me and they are welcome to try them. Ever product has a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, not something you’ll get from Holland & Barret or Boots.

I no longer have massive mood swings, the night sweats are much less frequent, my weight is reducing, and I have an amazing work-life balance. I have amazing friends I have met through the business and am looking forward to going to the company rally in Stockholm in May 2020 to have fun and share our stories.

If any, or all of the above resonates with you, please contact me on 07973 450105 I would love to be help. And with a 60-day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

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