Mindfulness – should this be taught in in schools?

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I overheard my son’s English tutor saying today we are going to be concentrate on Mindfulness.

On investigating I found the report the BBC schools carried out very interesting.

Mindfulness is a psychological technique which is said to help combat stress. But should it be widely introduced in schools?

The practice of mindfulness – which draws on Buddhist thinking – has become increasingly popular in recent years. There have been calls for brain-training techniques, using breathing to achieve mental clarity, to be introduced in schools.

In October, the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group said the practice should be made more widely available and recommended the Department for Education designate three schools to “pioneer mindfulness teaching and disseminate best practice”.

Political author, former head of Wellington College and vice-chancellor of Buckingham University Sir Anthony Seldon has called for daily “stillness sessions” in schools, saying a decline in traditional religious assemblies has left pupils with little space for reflection in the school day.

So can mindfulness meditation really help pupils concentrate amid the distractions of 21st Century living? A group of BBC School Reporters from Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone, east London, decided to investigate for the project’s 10th annual News Day.

Hannah, 14, says students wanted to establish whether mindfulness meditation could help. “We wanted to find out how it could be beneficial for our GCSEs and help us in situations where we might be very stressed.”

Meditation is amazing to de-stress, have you looked on You tube at all the links, if you haven’t tried meditation, give it a try tonight, I am sure you will feel the benefits.

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