My top tips to run 3 businesses and have a life.

How do I manage to run 3 businesses a son a husband and have a social life?

Planning! Planning, planning,

My two must haves my phone, I could not do without this, my notes section is full, my email is full but I know where everything is, Alistair refuses to look at it.

My law of attraction planner, coloured markers, when I say I built my Forever business into 10 hours that I didn’t have, I literally did, I owned 4 businesses at that time and had a father with dementia. I slotted in a few calls when I had a spare 15 mins. Identify where you can just squeeze sometime into your week you will be surprised how this works.

I listen to audio books all the time, 4 this week on audible, my favourite this week, your a badass at making money by Jen sincero.

Listen to people who motivate you if you hear someone moaning, distance yourself, it won’t help you.

Listen to Tony Robbins he is the master on Time chunking.

Have a great day, Sunday is a great day for Planning, take the first step to your new plan and see how it feels.