The top 15 apps and groups I couldn’t have done without when I started my online business.

http:// top 15 apps and groups I couldn't have done without when I started my online business

  1. Hootsuite this is a shedular for Linkedin, twitter, Facebook 
  2. Buffer this is a schedular for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
  3. Later this is scheduler for Instagram
  4. Canva, create your posts for your social media using this app, check out the free images on Pixabay or Bing Images.
  5. Photogrid, this app is great for creating photo posts and personalising posts for social media.
  6. Word swag is a great app for creating motivational posts for social media make it your own by adding your own logo. Don’t have a logo, go to and engage someone to create it.
  7. Evernote this is a free app and stores everything you could imagine losing.
  8. Feedly this is a great app to source information to use on your social media.
  9. Flipboard this is another great app to source information to use on your social media.
  10. Splice this app is fantastic for creating videos and very simple to use.
  11. Video boost this is a great app to create amazing videos that look professional, there is a small charge for this app you can add your own music.
  12. Pod bean – looking to create your own pod cast but don’t know where to start, this is a great app.
  13. Female Entrepreneurial Association – Carrie Green this is an amazing group I have found, you can join the members site which provides thousands of hours of support for whatever you want to learn.
  14. Frazer Brookes, looking to learn Facebook but don’t know who to look up, Frazer is your man.
  15. Business Gateway, I had forgotten what an amazing service they provide free of charge, recently I have signed up for 4 new afternoon sessions to gain knowledge on things from Blogging, social media and SEO, definitely worth attending there is always a golden nugget or grant that you don’t know about.

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