Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme in disguise!

Oh no it’s not. When I found Forever living back in December 2011 I so wanted to hear it was a pyramid scheme then I wouldn’t have to start building the business.

You see when I saw an advert in Woman and home looking for managers I wasn’t really looking for a new job, I already was an Independent Financial Adviser, Co-owned a Restaurant and had a property business so why would I be looking for something else?

Well the thing was I am an entrepreneur and really am always open to looking, the reason I think I got involved was I was terrified of not passing my exams that our regulator had set for us.

When did I take it seriously ?

When I really felt the benefits of the products however, when my friends and family noticed the difference that’s when I really took it seriously.

I remember trawling the internet and you tube trying to find something negative so I could just get on with what I was doing, this was one of the videos I found. It still makes me laugh.

You see even the Bank is a pyramid, you can’t go ahead of the Bank manager but with Forever you can be anything you want to be and even the number 1 in the world if that is your goal.

Network marketing is not for everyone but if you can catch the picture it’s a great business to be involved in.