October is cancer awareness month.

πŸŽ€ For every Clean 9 weight management kit I sell this month I will donate one of these pamper kits to someone dealing with #cancer

If you would like to donate one you don’t need to buy a Clean 9 to do this just send me a message and I will organise it.

I’m asking people to donate Β£20 per Positive Pack to be given to ladies going through breast cancer. Or we can gift the pack to someone you might hold close or know personally.

Each kit will comprise of:

πŸ’ž a little gift bag

πŸ’ž a card with a note of support

πŸ’ž (aluminium salts free) deodorant stick

πŸ’ž (fluoride free) toothgel

πŸ’ž moisturising hand sanitiser

πŸ’ž an aloe lips lipbalm

πŸ’ž fluffy socks to use on the ward

🌡 Aloe vera is a plant that dates back 4000+ years

🌡 The products we use have aloe as its prime ingredient

🌡 They are GM free – no pesticides or insecticides

🌡 They are NOT tested on animals

🌡 Aloe is a natural antibacterial


Aloe is an adaptogen – something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness. It is thought that aloe’s power as an adaptogen balances the body’s system, stimulating the defense and adaptive mechanisms of the body. This allows you an increased ability to cope with stress.

If anyone else wants to sponsor a pack or donate then we would be so grateful -or you may want your workplace to support this cause.

Audrey πŸ’•πŸ’•http://itsyourlife.myforever.biz/foreverfit/c9.html