There is life after bankruptcy.

What do you do once the banks close the doors on your family business of over 20 years.

Ron & liz didn’t know where to turn after the bank pulled all overdrafts on their longstanding family business almost 25 years ago. Their circumstances would be similar to what we are seeing right now, the Bank closed 17 retail outlets that they had when Ron who was 54 at the time stumbled across Forever. What were his options at that time is what he talks about although looking back and the fact that their residual income from Forever is now 5 times his state pension without him building his business, shows that this was an amazing decision, although not what his wife Liz thought at that time, she thought he had lost his marbles by getting involved.

Looking back at what they have achieved over that period is so encouraging for anyone looking at network marketing, the fact that Ron has achieved everything on the marketing plan and has never used social media, shows that sky really is the limit with this Global business working part-time from home.

What are the requirements of the business?

I think key is to have an open mind, this business is certainly not for everyone but if you like what you see it really is an amazing way to work and who wouldn’t like to have 5 times their state pension for just helping others get what they want.