Put an end to cold calling in the funeral planning industry – Speak to a professional

One of the most annoying practices in modern sales and marketing among consumers is cold calling, i.e. receiving calls from salespeople trying to sell you something. Unfortunately, cold calling has entered the funeral planning industry and the best way to stop this is to speak with a Professional.

In many ways it’s surprising cold calling isn’t illegal. Calling people in their homes, to offer a product they already know exists, and to continue calling until they are so worn down the easiest way out seems to be to buy is no way to treat people. Yet there are call centres set up for this purpose.

Unfortunately, outbound aggressive marketing and the funeral planning industry are somewhat compatible. People who buy funeral plans are traditionally older and, because they are retired, they are available to pick up the phone and be ‘sold to’. Funeral Planning Services is abhorrently against aggressive sales tactics such as cold calling or door-to-door selling.

By speaking to a Professional for a funeral plan, you are taking one sale away from the giant call centres and showing that you support independent businesses with integrity. Taking out a funeral where you can do this in the comfort of your own home where we provide a hand holding service and provide a wish box so that your instructions are left with your family and the funeral you have is the way you would want it as if you had organised it yourself.

If that doesn’t convince you, knowing you receive a better deal with an independent might. Salespeople who push funeral plans through call centres are on commission. That commission has to be paid to the salesperson from somewhere.

However cold calling and aggressive sales have no place in this private and sensitive industry leave this to the professionals.

There are changes coming and not before time.


You can pay your Funeral over a 10 year period from around £40 per month, don’t leave something as important as this to chance.