When should you start investing for your retirement?

I have been an Independent Financial Adviser for 34 years, over this time I have worked with people from all walks of life and at all stages of their life.

The question I am always asked is when should I start to save for my Retirement?

My answer is always the same, as soon as you can, if you think about a Policeman, Nurse or Teacher,  when  they start working  a fixed sum is deducted from their first wage.

I have several client’s who I have worked with over 30 years and see how different their retirement is to someone who never got round to paying the maximum into their pension.

The question is what kind of retirement would you like?

When I started working my retirement date was 60, this has now changed to 67, no I don’t want to work in the same way I do until I am 67 so what choices do I have?

I can ensure I pay the maximum to my Pension or my Isa, I can think about downsizing my home that would allow me to retire earlier although all this takes careful planning.  Have you planned what you want?

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At this stage of life we are loving life and our life with our family, money is tight and no-one ever finds spare money for their pension.

The question is what do you want your retirement to look like? Don’t leave it too late to late to make your plan.

70s are the new 30s

Time passes so quickly, put your plan in place and look forward to the future or you will look back at the past and wish you had paid attention to your plan. Schedule an appointment here on my calendar.