If you could see me now, you’d laugh…..  


You see I am currently perched on the toilet – with my laptop on my knees – watching over dog in the bath.
Whilst not glam – it tells you why I do what I do.  Being able to run business quite literally from anywhere – when I choose.

Illustration of a girl using a toilet

So I know a lot of you are scratching your heads over what is it I actually do?
If you’re new to the concept of network marketing you’ve probably been confronted with what seem like scams – and lets be honest there – some probably are!
But what I do in the simplest of terms is use, recommend & coach a team all over the world.
A bit like a supermarket sells products on behalf of manufacturers – that’s exactly what I do.
I didn’t wake up one day and think that’s what I want to do, but I have discovered it’s the only true path to living my life on my terms!  And I actually love it.
  • It’s kinda fun
  • It’s empowering for me
  • It makes me a great income
  • It allows me to show other people the way forward too
I didn’t magically know how to do this though – it has taken months of learning and trial and error.
So how did I learn?  It all started by buying a box of products £199.75 that really has changed my families life, I know I cringed at that too, yeh right. However, I thought it had a 14 day money back guarantee so what did I have to lose? I had spent £20000 on a franchise that hadn’t worked out due to lack of support.
The even better thing about this was every product I recommended to my family came with a 60 day money back guarantee and of a 2.6 billion turnover 0.5 per cent was returned.
I am just so glad I started on this journey, and I whole heartedly invite you to join me. I know it is definitely not for everyone, however I would love if you would open your mind for 32 mins and see what you think ?
Have a great day Audrey