Thailand or Dallas ???


July has been all about helping a team of incredible people work towards a 5 star trip to Thailand as part of our company’s global travel incentives.

The trip to Thailand goes ahead in September of 2019, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to qualify and even people who are just joining the team in July have their eyes on this brilliant opportunity.

Our company believe in giving people the best travel experiences, 5 star all the way, world leading training and investing in people who have a great work ethic. This will be my fourth trip and I can tell you they don’t disappoint, All qualifiers for this Managers Retreat will also have flights, accommodation and experience days for themselves and another guest of their choice fully paid. If anyone doesn’t fancy visiting Thailand 🇹🇭, they can go on a Managers Retreat in Dallas 🇺🇸 and visit Southfork Ranch, (this was my first goal) it didn’t disappoint. What a great choice to have!

Which would you choose? 2 great destinations and so far Thailand is the most popular pick. It will be a busy Summer and it’s no wonder when people can see the world for FREE

If you are like I was 6 years ago when I joined Foreve, I thought only certain people qualified for these trips but having now experienced 3 of them I can assure you this is available to everyone.

So what do you have to do I hear you ask? Use some products, believe they work, share them with your friends and family and if anyone is interested in recommending them with you or wants to earn a residual income help them do the same. The company turnover is $2.5 billion dollars and 0.5 per cent is what’s returned so recommending the products is not hard.

🌎 Audrey #travel #investments #globalization #training #incentives