What is failure??

What if you could never really fail?

Imagine a world where no matter what you did you could never fail.

How would you act?

How would you feel ?

What would you do?

What risks would you take?

Who would you become?

What is success and what is failure?

What I know for certain is that truly successful people have a different relationship with failing.

When things go wrong they don’t look at it as failure, instead they look at it as an opportunity to look and see what they can learn. They ask ‘what’s the opportunity here?’

If we don’t ever want to make mistakes we won’t actually accomplish anything!

The biggest successes in the world have come after things haven’t gone according to plan.

To me failure means giving up; it means you have stopped trying.

Giving up is not an option

Never give up. If you do, only then will you have failed.

Keep pursuing your dreams, despite your fears.

What have you been putting off for tomorrow? Comment below??



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