What now if you Work for Debenhams, House of Fraser or M&S


Today I’m thrilled to be working in Glasgow meeting new people who I’ve connected with many of whom I have been speaking to over the telephone for the last couple of weeks.

Why has retailing changed?

The retailing industry is changing and many people are looking for a way to create a more secure future that they can control.

Jobs in the retailing sector at one time were stable and reliable for many people and career progression was often easily accessible.

A few years later and I think it’s fair to say, very few people could foresee the extreme changes we have seen. A high number of people who once felt like they had a job for life are being made redundant. Some big brand retailers have left the UK High Street and the uncertainty that once never existed still remains, companies like Debenhams issuing profit warnings and Marks & Spencer & House of Fraser closing stores.

The main reasons I think are the way people now shop with stores like Next and companies like Amazon making it so easy for is to shop online and avoid the hassles of traveling to the store.


This morning I was excited to meet an experienced Retailing Store Manager in Glasgow who is ready to create a change in the same way that I was almost 6 years ago. Like me, she loves her full time job but is ready to work with our company to start her own home based business. Initially this will be very part time and will fit around her demanding job leading people and her busy family life. I’m excited for Karen to receive her business box with our company’s best selling products, her own online shop and all of the literature needed to create unlimited success.

If you were the boss, who would you employ? Who would you pay off?

This is a tough call but one we are seeing regularly as the retailers are facing financial stresses.

Having more time with family, creating extra choices to do more in life and having a career that I loved were all of the things that I wanted. I now help other people enjoy the same benefits too. It’s special to be able to help great people who have a similar career background to me, share in a ready made flexible business opportunity and help them create their own story of success. Audrey