Whats your Passion??????????

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion
The day I started to follow my heart my life changed; as I terrifyingly stepped out of my comfort zone my entire life changed. I didn’t know this back then but the day I cut my hours in the financial to allow something so rewarding to come in, my whole world opened up to unbelievable possibilities. I loved most parts of Financial Services (except the Compliance) the satisfaction I have when doing a good job for my longstanding clients is second to none. . I loved this BUT I ignored a little voice that kept telling me ‘You are a people person, you love people Audrey.
I ignored it because I did actually love what I was doing BUT it lacked fulfilling a major value of mine, the need to help people and I was scared, really scared to ‘throw away’ what I had. I was scared to leave what I knew; scared all of my dreams would be shattered. My true love is helping others, not making money from my trusted 30 year career. I now do both and think I am the luckiest person in the world.
As I pondered my future plan, I knew I could have an amazing work life balance helping others with their future health & wealth and continue with helping a selected number of my trusted clients.
I changed I left my comfort zone; I followed my heart and passion and life was never the same. Nowadays I am able to try things I would never have contemplated before, yes some don’t work, but that’s ok. I keep growing, keep expanding, keep pushing out of my comfort zone and my world gets bigger and bigger as I see more and more opportunities.
By following my heart and discovering a whole new world I have found a whole new me, a me who knows what she wants, a me who knows where she’s going, a me who trusts and loves herself. And there is no going back, ever.
Once you start on this road, once you let go of that past holding you back, once you step out there and challenge yourself, once you discover that passion and follow it the most amazing thing happens life becomes so much easier. It really does. You realise that regardless of the outcome it is so worth it.
Start working on your personal growth and discover your passions and the money will come. Make your dreams BIG and think about changing yourself inside and stop looking to change things on the outside.
Will you chase your passion? Once you start growing in your passion you will start to change yourself, you will begin to be that person who will attract the success you are seeking. Whilst you are growing in your passion this is where the true change takes place, as you become a different person – one who is successful and achieving goals.