Work from home mums

I’m working closely with Mary, who is mum to one year old Lucas and Lexi aged three.

Mary will never have to go back to a traditional job again; she will never have to put her kids into childcare; she will be able to go to every single sports day and school event; she’ll be there for her little ones before and after school – every single day. Mary will have a great income, she will feel valued, respected and successful; her confidence will soar and she will teach her children incredible life lessons

I feel so thankful that I found a work from home opportunity 7 years ago and can now help Mary be the present parent that she wants to be. I wasn’t so lucky: when my son was born I was self-employed and had to return to work after 2 weeks maternity leave.

Would you like to be that person too?

WELL YOU CAN BE – embrace opportunities and be the person you want to be

Here are some ideas.