You can be anything you want to be, if you see the right image in the mirror.

The role: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER earning £1000 – £3000+ per month, initially around your existing commitments, whatever they may be!

The reason: Are you tired of long hours, high stress, no job security, falling pension values and little recognition for a job well done? If so, you are just like me and the other professionals we work with, until we decided to take control.

How? By working for ourselves, (as part of a team), self-employed, building our own business under the umbrella of a 100million pound UK company, underpinned by a Global Brand Leader in the booming health, wellness & fitness sector. If you can find 7 to 15 hours a week, working with us & our proven business building system, we will coach you to earn £1500+/mth within 5 months. This naturally leads, should you wish to, a Business Developer role, earning £5k to 20K+/mth coaching, mentoring & helping others develop their businesses across the globe.

You must be: A natural relationship builder (a ‘people person’); proactive; enthusiastic; hard-working; committed to making a difference; an excellent communicator

You must want: to work for yourself; ongoing training & support; to develop your skills; a better lifestyle; less stress & more time; financial independence

The Benefits: In this business you get paid for what you contribute including an end of year bonus; Global travel – 2 international destinations every year, all expenses paid; Car Plan; Willable income – so you create a legacy

So tell me which income would you go for?

The strange thing is you may have thought £1500 pm if you apply time, are coachable and really connect with what you want you can have it all, we will be holding your hand every step of the way, your success is our success.

My name is Audrey Paterson

My Forever website is